Some Remedies For Women’s Issues


"Woman" is the most priceless contributor on the earth. This world is blind without women. After thousands of years of suffocation, women are now in the spotlight in every facet of their life. The inclusion of women in the leadership of society and other systems of human life is becoming vital in today's changing times. Females who have less access to schooling may experience social inconsistencies. 


Gender disparities, spousal abuse, and the passing on of poverty from one generation to the next are examples of this. Education can encourage gender equality, discourage child marriage, and provide life skills. Being misunderstood by everyone around them, particularly during menstruation, is the hardest circumstance that women and girls have to deal with. Understanding them and including emotional intelligence theory, yoga, and meditation into the curriculum are also necessary, especially at sensitive periods.

Women's inherent strength and capacities are notably on display during each menstrual cycle and when giving birth to a child. Also, women's strength is strongly displayed when raising children and guaranteeing their whole growth. Furthermore, they consistently show resilience in the face of ups and downs in both their personal and professional lives. To help them develop their innate abilities is a difficult endeavour. 

This difficulty is made worse by the fact that they are constrained by a patriarchal attitude. Yet every issue has a solution, and in this case, education is the key tool for empowering women. Every woman and girl needs education to be empowered in their pursuit of freedom and rights. Given that about 75% of women and girls experience anxiety and despair before and after a week of menstruation, women should receive greater attention, have access to higher education, and be understood during this time.

One to two weeks prior to a woman's cycle, physical and emotional symptoms are referred to as premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Premenstrual syndrome is a collection of psychological, physical, and emotional disorders that start after ovulation and cease with a woman's menstrual flow. Women experience different symptoms, and once menstrual bleeding begins, they go away. Changes in mood, painful breasts, exhaustion, irritability, and depression are some of the signs of PMS. According to research, up to 3 out of every 10 women who are menstruation have had premenstrual syndrome. 

Typically, it manifests as emotional and behavioural signs and symptoms like: tension or worry, crying spells, mood swings and irritability or rage, changes in appetite and food cravings, difficulty falling asleep (insomnia), lack of focus or attention, and social disengagement. Physical manifestations of alcohol intolerance include headaches, weariness, fluid retention-related weight gain, breast tenderness, acne flare-ups, constipation, and diarrhoea. After the start of the menstrual period, these symptoms go away in four days. 

To explain the origins of PMS, a number of theories have been put up; however, none of these theories have been demonstrated, and there is currently no proven scientific method for treating PMS in particular. Those around a woman who has mood swings during or before her period sometimes misjudge her. As ladies used to be polite in other situations, one must understand them in this ones. Women should be handled with love and care because it is a normal symptom. 

Such love would be the cure for her illness. Family is where love and care begin, and it genuinely makes her feel the best about herself. Although a precise treatment has not yet been discovered, the doctor will nevertheless provide recommendations if the aforementioned symptoms seriously interfere with the patient's daily life.

Women need to be informed of the causes of disabilities in the offspring they are planning to have. Use of alcohol or any hazardous chemical, such as tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, or teratogenic medications, can negatively impact foetal growth and impede brain development. Children who experienced this developed physical and mental impairments. They should completely refrain from their intake while taking these factors into account. 

The most frequent causes of disability in children are also faulty genes passed down from the parents as well as radiation exposure during pregnancy. Mental retardation can be brought on by missing or damaged enzymes as well as genetic errors. Down syndrome, which is characterised by rough skin and allergic skin, is one genetic disorder that causes intellectual difficulties. 

Having small, flat-faced eyes and a physique that is obese. Williams syndrome, Angelman syndrome, and Prader-Willi syndrome are three more genetic disorders that result in mental retardation. Prior to conception, women must be aware of these facts.

Women and girls should be taught about emotional intelligence theory, positive affirmations, yoga, breathing, and other forms of physical and mental exercise to combat the issue of emotional breakdown.

Emotional Intelligence

Positive imagery and the hypothesis of natural intelligence both play significant roles in the mood regulation of women and girls. It is a gift of medicine to the women and girls who have suffered psychological harm. Emotional inteartgencchanneling is the process of positively directing emotions. According to Salovey and Mayer (1990), emotional intelligence is the capacity to control one's own and other people's emotions 

through self-awareness, which also aids in directing the thought process to take the appropriate action. Emotional intelligence (EI) focuses on a variety of competences. 

EI constructs include self-awareness, which entails understanding one's own emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, and values and understanding how they affect others; self-management, which entails controlling one's irrational emotions and adapting to changing circumstances; social skills, which support maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships; and empathy, which entails taking into account other people's feelings and acting accordingly.

The ability to control one's emotions is essential for happiness as well as success in one's personal, intellectual, and professional efforts. For women and girls to develop their emotional intelligence skills and be able to care for their families, societies, communities, and the country as a whole, it is crucial that emotional intelligence training be a part of their school curriculum.

In addition, it is important to guarantee the protection of women and girls in any environment that could lessen societal injustices against them and allow them to follow their own aspirations. To put it briefly, government, NGOs, and INGOs operating in this area should be acknowledged in order to address women's challenges. A beneficial societal revolution would undoubtedly result from such acknowledgement, which would boost women as well as their families and children.

(The author is a lecturer of English)

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