Mango production in Saptari expected to increase this year


Mango trees blossoming with flowers

By Devram Prasad Yadav, Saptari, March 14: Farmers of Saptari are excited to expect the production of mangos in the district will increase this year.

Seeing plenty of flowering on mango trees, farmers have become optimistic that there will be increased production of mangos this year. Whether it is a field with fewer mango trees or a garden full of mangoes, all mango plants are blooming with flowering. 

Mangoes are planted in the majority of households in the Saptari district for enjoying mangoes at home. Likewise, mangoes are plants are commercial purposes as well, which this year are blooming with plenty of flowering . 

Rajendra Prasad Yadav, chief of the Agricultural Knowledge Center Saptari Rajbiraj, mango season this year looks good. 

He said," Production of mangoes goes up one year and falls down another year. The production of mangoes is expected to be suitable by all sides this year." 

According to the centre, even though many flowering mangoes were torn down by the hurricane in March, April, and May in districts including Saptari, but, seeing the flowering full of hair, mangoes production is expected to be good this year.

"There is plenty of flowering in all species of mangoes," said the centre. 

Commercial mangoes farming is observed in Sambhunath, Sitapur, Fattepur, Lohajara, Mahuli, Mohanpur, Rupani, Belha, Rupnagar, Kanchanpur, Kadmaha, Kalyanpur and Jogmohan of Saptrai district. 

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