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What is contained in Dr. Bhagawan Koirala's book "Hridaya"? The general idea is that readers will receive an amazing account of heart conditions and their treatments. The presumption is unquestionably accurate given that the author, Dr. Koirala, is a well-known heart specialist and has extensive experience writing about a variety of heart-related medical issues that he successfully managed while caring for patients over the course of a lengthy career in medicine.

This book details some of these incredible medical situations. However, readers must wait while reading for this because the author enjoys discussing a wide range of topics that not only continue to undermine medical profession ethics but also end up being the root of numerous errors and omissions at both the individual and systemic levels of policy formulation and implementation.

Hence, the issue resurfaces: Is the nation's medical center hail-and-hearty? Here, Dr. Koirala's major interest is present. He makes a honest effort to address this issue first through the use of this book.

Dr. Bhagawan Koirala's depiction of himself, particularly regarding his challenges throughout his study time, is motivating to everyone in the modern world, when a sizable portion of sincere but financially struggling students face significant obstacles to paying flattening costs of medical courses.

When it comes to his childhood and school years, Dr. Koirala has honestly and vividly discussed his strengths and flaws. He claims he was a quiet, devout, and hardworking youngster. In the book, he also describes with affection how, from the very beginning of his childhood, he was disinterested to fabricate lies only to escape warnings and punishments for his own purposes. It's interesting that the doctor admits that he struggled in maths class and only completed his SLC examinations with second division.

In actuality, the Hridaya is a book of admissions and justifications from the senior physician, who owns the record for doing close to 15 000 surgeries on heart patients up to this point. If we look at the hospital infrastructure at the time, was it conceivable? From the standpoint of the nation's medical history, this is one issue to discuss. Yet, the response must be derived in a dynamic sense. Dr. Koirala contends that if we begin to approach medical services with caution, issues will inevitably arise. This is due to the fact that free time is just unthinkable when it comes to providing patient care, managing hospitals, and teaching medical students. The book "Hridaya" (Heart) genuinely addresses this subject, and Dr. Koirala's extensive professional background has allowed him to write about important medical topics for the book.

In actuality, "Hridaya" has semibiographical presenting components, and Dr. Koirala preferred to write simply. The book's clear language and sparing use of medical jargon stand out in contrast to the author's technical background, where it was more likely that such terms would be used.

In light of the rising number of autobiographical and semi-autobiographical novels being published in the nation, one very significant question that readers may have is: What does "Hridaya" have to say to individuals who are encountering various obstacles in the way of their ambitions and success?

Naturally, the answer to this question is not zero. In actuality, Dr. Koirala is from Palpa, a remote area of Kathmandu. Koirala claims that after clearing the 8th grade examinations at Darlamdanda School, he enrolled at Tansen's Padhma Public Multipurpose High School to complete his education and pass the SLC. He struggled with maths at school, and his family's wealth wasn't enough to support his desire to pursue medical courses, which are still seen as being pricey. He recalls how, when he later moved to Kathmandu, his father remarkably encouraged his covert ambition to pursue a career in medicine by asking, "Can you do Health Assistant courses?"

In truth, this was a turning point, and the author of "Hridaya" and a well-known doctor today never looked back after that. He still struggles with things now. He had a goal back then, and he now has a goal for a new era of his life. But he is confident that he will always serve the country with competence and expertise, just as he overcame difficulties in understanding class lectures during Health Assistant level courses in English in Kathmandu or later while attending classes for higher level medical studies in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and during training in the US.

In fact, everyone is aware of Dr. Bhagawan Koirala's efforts to improve the facilities for treating cardiac conditions at Nepal's two renowned hospitals, TU Teachings in Maharjgunj and Ganga Lal at Bansbari. He has also attempted to explain how the influx and expansion of chaotic party politics into vulnerable spaces like hospitals harms the provision of high-quality medical care in the nation.

Via the "Hridaya," Dr. Koirala undoubtedly raises the finger at all these complicated issues. Yet, the book does not simply do that. Also, it reminds medical personnel of their own accountability and dedication to professionalism. Finally, it would be appropriate to wish Dr. Koirala well as he embarks on his new endeavor to create a premier children's hospital in Kathmandu.   

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