Appeal to save life of young professor


Kathmandu, March 9: Professor of Mathematics Dr. Urmila Pyakurel has begged for financial assistance to treat her cancer.

Prof. Dr. Urmila Pyakurel has released a public appeal to save her life as she is struggling with breast, ovarian, stomach, liver and lung cancer for last 6 years. 

She resorted to public appeal as the treatment cost is expensive and the estimated cost amounts to around 400 thousands Nepali rupees per dose every three weeks.

Prof. Pyakurel said “it is very difficult for me to meet the expenses as I have no any fellowship for the research activities”. Even though she did not intend to request for the support earlier, but the very costly new treatment plan compelled her to appeal publicly. She has so far been bearing the cost of treatment through her research activities.  As a Humboldtian, her research activities have been supported with the fellowships from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. 

She belongs to a farmer’s family of Kalika village of Sindhupalchowk and has spent more than 450 million of Nepali rupees during her treatment in Nepal and Germany. 

Her research is focused on solving the growing traffic problem in Nepal applying mathematics. As a Humboldtian, her research activities have been supported with the fellowships from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. 

She had completed her PhD at the age of 35 and last year, at the age of 41, she became the youngest professor in Central Department of Mathematics, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. She also has been writing literature under the name of Madhushree.

As suggested by Prof. Dr. Rajendra Baral at Norvic Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal, she must start the Immunotherapy as an important option. Her treatment with Dr. Baral is going on since last 3 years. Till date, she has taken 64 doses of Chemotherapy and Radio therapy. The Immunotherapy should be taken at least for a year and further as per the effectiveness of the treatment plan.

According to Prof. Dr. Tanka Nath Dhamala, Head at Central Department of Mathematics, Prof. Pyakurel is not only an outstanding researcher and young scientist, she is very successful in collaborating with international scientific community. She is always eager and curious to solve real-world mathematical problems. It is extremely interesting and amazing that her major scientific contributions are published in high impact journals parallelly fighting with cancer.  She is always actively involved in teaching and research activities. Currently, she is supervising 6 PhD research scholars and some graduate students. Prof. Dhamala, who is also her PhD supervisor, appealed to kindly support for her treatment.  

According to her brother Mr. Rajendra Pyakurel, the success of his sister in the field of education is the matter of pride not only in the family but also for the country. As she is from the middle income family and being unable to bear the cost of treatment, he also requested the community to support her financially.

For the financial support:

Urmila Pyakurel

Siddhartha Bank, Tinkunne, Kathmandu.

A/C No. : 01715162721

Mobile No. : 9841049688


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