Farmers demand increase in milk price


Bharatpur, Jan 31  : Farmers in Chitwan have demanded the government that it increased milk price. They argued the price of daily essentials and production cost of milk was increased sharply of late.    
Organizing a press conference, Chairman of Dairy Products Cooperative Association in the district, Kishor Bagale, demanded the rise in milk price and reduction of the price of raw materials. He also accused the banks and financial institutions of intimidating farmers in the name of loan recovery.    
It was reminded at the press conference that government had declared Chitwan a milk-sufficient district three years back. Among total farmers, 33 percent are dairy producers ones. The number of cattle- buffalos and cows- raised in the district stands at 68,611. As much as 350 thousand litres of milk is produced every day here.    
Among the total production, 55 percent of milk is supplied to Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Makwanpur and Kaski districts.    
Treasurer of the Association, Balkrishna Uprety, said the price of livestock feed as grains, fodder and forage had upped by 20 to 30 percent.    
He worried that the farmers were bearing the loss of Rs 8 rupees in a litre of milk. So, the government needs to hike milk price reaching Rs 70 per litre. The latest increase in milk price by the government was a year back. (RSS)   

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