Inadequate Metabolism Causes Excess Weight


Irina Shlionskaya

One of the causes of excess weight is not at all the habit of overeating, but an insufficient metabolic rate. After all, we all know people who eat much more than us, but at the same time remain slim. Because food burns in them, like in a firebox. If your metabolism is not so lucky, there are ways to fix it. This is a change in diet and physical activity.

Metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that take place in our body and affect our condition. The faster these processes proceed, the more calories are burned, and the less body fat accumulates. Consumption of certain foods, according to nutritionists, can accelerate these reactions. Let's see what products we are talking about.

The fact is that protein food creates the so-called "thermal effect". It's harder to digest, so you'll feel full longer and use more energy. But not all protein products will bring tangible benefits to the body. Nutritionists advise eating lean meats and organic seeds without preservatives. For breakfast, you can eat one or two eggs.

Most people drink tea, coffee, and sugary drinks with numerous additives to quench their thirst. All of them slow down the metabolism, and sugar-containing drinks are also very high in calories. If you are thirsty, it is better to drink a glass of plain water - you cannot from the tap, but bottled, but not mineral water, because the latter may contain salts, acids and other substances that ambiguously affect the body. Just drinking water will do.

Several glasses of pure water a day will significantly speed up your metabolism. Not only food, but also sports exercises will help speed up the metabolism. It is best if you train intensively - no matter what sport. It is not without reason that exercise machines are so popular - they accelerate the process of burning fat and keep the metabolism active for some time after exercise.

Experts recommend exercising daily for at least half an hour, including several five-minute high-intensity exercises in the training process. This will increase not only your metabolic rate, but also your stamina. As you know, if we spend a lot of time in a sitting position, this generally negatively affects our health. Not to mention that it significantly slows down our metabolism.

To avoid problems associated with physical inactivity, you should ... constantly move! But how, you ask, if you have a sedentary job, and you don’t even go to the store or the bank, because everything can now be done online? Try to work, eat, or do other activities while standing, if possible. At least partially. Over time, you will get used to doing this and will not experience any discomfort. 

Usually we do not stand still, but nevertheless we make some movements or walk around the room, this is the whole point. If your work cannot be done in a standing position, you can resort to this option. Get up from your workplace every half an hour and do stretching exercises for 2-5 minutes. A detailed description of them can be found on the Web.


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