'Prem Ko Aago' released


BY A STAFF REPORTER,Kathmandu, Jan. 30: Prem Ko Aago, an anthology of poetry by Ananda Kala Rai, was released in the capital city. Poet and former academician Shrawan Mukarung made the book public at a programme organised by Laibari  Cultural Society.

Mukarung opined that the style and content of her poems were totally unique. “The poems are full of rich symbols and images derived from Kirat culture,” he said. Writer Shanti Kamal Rai got her poems crystal-clear and meaningful.

Other speakers including Pragati Rai, Bhairav Rai, Padam Kala Rai, Direndra Malakar, Devi Dhakal also spoke about the book. A teacher of Nepali language at Grammar Public School of Koteshwore, Rai has an anthology of stories in Chamling language to her credit.  

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