Weaving gundri to preserve tradition


By Arjun Kafle,Syangja, Jan. 29: As the tradition of weaving gundri (a recyclable Nepali carpet made out of hay) disappeared with the use of ready-made carpets, women of Galyang Bazaar have started preserving the tradition by learning to weave it in a group.

The tradition of weaving gundri is disappearing due to the plastic carpets that are easily available in the market.

Local woman Yam Kumari Gaha said that the women, who used to weave gundri in their homes, now gather together in one place and wave together. “We are working in a group to preserve the tradition,” she said. Gaha said that when weaving Gundri in a group, it is easy to share skills with each other.

Dimaya Sinjali, president of the local Buhari Party, said that waving gundri in a group makes it easy to work. The gundri is being woven because hay gundri is considered pure for traditional cultures such as at puja and other cultural work, Sinja, who is also president of the Jagatrashila Ama Samuha, said.

Sinjali said that during the winter, straw carpets are warmer than plastic ones, and they have been using these items for puja and various  religious activities.

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