Vice-President Pun calls for rule of law to ensure human rights


Kathmandu, Dec 8: Vice-President Nanda Bahadur Pun has expressed concerns to the rising cases of human rights violations despite the government efforts to promote human rights.

Inaugurating the “14th Human Rights National Manga Meet, 2022” in the Capital City on Thursday, the Vice President argued that the people have not realized complete human rights. “Human rights is for all. In true sense, human rights is for voiceless, oppressed, suppressed, marginalized and backward castes and classes. Implementation of human rights is for elevation and progress of the society,” Vice President argued.  

Saying that respect, protection and fulfillment of the human rights is compulsory, Vice President Pun said implementation of the rule of law is needed for the realization of the human rights. 

The government of Nepal has its firm commitment to human rights, and guarantee of human rights is always Nepal’s top priority, Pun said, recalling that multidimensional efforts are taking place in Nepal for the protection of human rights. “National Human Rights Commission and other rights bodies are making their efforts for the cause of implementation of human rights," the Vice President said and thanked the National Human Rights Commission and human rights related organizations for their jobs being carried out to ensure human rights. 

Mentioning that the Constitution of Nepal has ensured several fundamental rights to the citizens, the Vice President also urged all the bodies concerned to implement the fundamental rights that are in the form of the human rights.       

On the occasion, Vice President Pun said the citizens have cast their votes for coming five years which is an exercise of human rights. The governments to be formed in the federal and province levels after the final results of the elections would take leadership for the nation’s development and prosperity, he believed.

During the event, Chairman of National Human Rights Commission Tapa Bahadur Magar said that the Commission was making coordination with the human rights organizations in the countries of destination to ensure human rights to the Nepali migrant workers there.

On the occasion, ‘Padhma Ratna Tuladhar Award for Human Rights and Peace’ was given to activist Malla K Sundar. 

Likewise, Dr Ganesh Gurung was provided with ‘14th National Human Rights Magna Meet Award’ for his relentless advocacy to the human rights of migrant workers. (RSS)

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