Students compelled to carry sacks to schools for lack of benches to sit on


Photo/ Yadav Raj Puri

By Yadav Raj Puri, Rautahat, Dec.6: You may find it incredible, but it is true that some 472 students of a secondary school in Rautahat take sacks to school to sit on because there are no benches for them.

The plight of the students from grades 1 to 6 of Shree Secondary School in Fatuwa Bijaypur Municipality-2 has been reported to the concerned authority, but to no avail.

There are a total of 748 students in the school, in grades from grade 1 to 10. 

There are 46 students in grade one,70 in grade two, 57 in grade three, 91 in grade four, 78 in grade five and 130 students in grade six, but there are no desks or benches for them to sit on or put the bags.

Buni Lal Yadav, principal of the school, said that they have already informed the concerned municipalities about the lack of desks and benches in the school.

The principal said that the school was established in 1960, and a new building with 10 rooms was built just last year. However, there was no budget for desks and benches in the school, and none has been made available even now. 

He said, "This matter was well discussed with chief administrative officer Sambhu Kumar Yadav, Acting Mayor Ambaya Khatun and the Chief of the education branch but nothing has come of the discussion." 

Anirudh Prasad Yadav, ward chair of Fatuwa Bijaypur Municipality-2 said that budget for desks and chairs will be allocated in the upcoming fiscal year.

He said, "We have discussed the school's situation in the municipal office and budgets for chairs and desks will be allocated next fiscal year." 

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