People aspire to see new face in leadership: Gagan Thapa


Kathmandu, Nov 22: Nepali Congress (NC) general secretary Gagan Kumar Thapa who has been elected the Member of the House of Representatives from the Kathmandu-4 has said now his focus will be on the NC parliamentary party election.     

Talking to the media briefly following the announcement of election results, he said the results indicated that voters had expected a new leadership. 

“Voters do not just aspire to have a stable government, but they also wish to see a new face in the leadership. And I believe the NC is capable of addressing the people’s aspirations for the same. The party is ready to take charge of the new leadership of the nation by taking other parties into confidence and keeping them united. I will be focused on the NC parliamentary election from today itself.”     

The leader took time to share with the media he hoped the existing alliance among the ruling parties including the NC, CPN (Maoist Centre) and the CPN (Unified Socialist) would continue even after the election. However, the election results are expected to be a determining factor for the same, according to him.     

As he said, the election results showed that voters utilised the voting as a means of expressing frustration over political parties’ failure to fulfil their expectations. “The words we made before the people have remained unfulfilled. Though we have been elected for a five-year term, practically we will have just five months to serve the people,” he said, adding that he was indebted to voters who decided to send him as their representative to the federal parliament.     

The NC's youth leader said he was committed to keeping the people unhurt. “We should realise that today’s hardship will lead us to a better future and this motto should be reflected in our actions.” (RSS) 

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