Reliable mobile network, Internet top election issues in Gunras, Dailekh



Dailekh, Oct 23 : There is not a reliable mobile phone network in Gunras Rural Municipality of Dailekh district. In terms of distance, this is the closest city to the provincial capital. 

The tower of Nepal Telecom does not work well in the area. The locals are forced to reach high hills in search of network to communicate.

Due to the network problem, people are forced to be present physically even for small tasks in the center of the municipality. 

Sita BK, a local of Guras Rural Municipality-3, said that the problem is so acute that calling an ambulance in the event of emergency is also a problem.

“We are very sad about mobile network. Health facilities and police station are not near. When someone needs emergency care, it is difficult to report urgently. Radio is now the only reliable means of information in this municipality.”

Most of the candidates had promised to make a smart city during the past elections to the House of Representatives (HoR). They had pledged to expand the reach of the internet facility. 

“But those were only election agendas. There is no access to electricity in all places of the district,” she said. 

Making matters worse is poor condition of roads. This year, too, the candidates have reached the voters' doorsteps with similar agendas.

Because mobile network doesn’t work well, communication is difficult in all the three municipalities of West Surkhet. Man Bahadur Khatri of Panchapuri Municipality-2 

said that the biggest problem facing the residents there is communication network. 

Candidates, who are going door to door in their constituency for the upcoming elections are also coming with the same assurance. 

Khatri said that in the past five years, nothing has been done to improve the communication sector in any region of the district. 

The place also lacks other development infrastructure. Many citizens still do not have access to road infrastructure and electricity. 

These issues, which are always on the agenda during elections, are forgotten by the leaders once they are elected. Dila Chapai of Panchapuri Municipality-3 complained that they have been deprived even of the basic services. 

According to Chapai, the mobile network did not work in Panchapuri for almost a month. 

People have been facing a host of problems in water supply, electricity, roads and telephone. 

But the candidates are coming to ask for votes promising to solve these problems and this is pure deceit, she said. 

During the three-level elections held in 2017, political parties and candidates had promised to make information technology widely available, manage internet services, including free WiFi at intersections and public places.

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