Twelve parties to file amendment to closed list under proportional system today


Kathmandu, Oct 2: Twelve smaller parties are submitting the revised list on the closed list towards the proportional system they had given to the Election Commission before this. The nation is going to the House of Representatives and National Assembly member election on November 20. 

The seven-day deadline that the Election Commission had given to these parties for any revisions to the list of members under the proportional representation system of election is terminating today.  

EC spokesperson for the PR Election system, Guru Prasad Wagle said the Nepali Congress, CPN (UML), CPN (Maoist Centre), CPN (unified Socialist), Janata Samajbadi, Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) have already submitted their amendment on Saturday alone.

The EC had urged the political parties to submit the closed list of candidates from September 20 to 25, after verifying the proposed closed-list. These parties were required to submit the revised list between September 26 and October 2. 

The EC's secretary and Chief Election Officer for the PR system, Gokarna Mani Duwadi said the parties concerned were required to submit the revised list within seven days from the date when the letter was sent to them. 

The Election Commission stated that if any candidate wanted to take back his/her name from the closed list that can be done between 10 am and 12 noon on October 3. The Election Commission would inform the party concerned regarding withdrawing the candidacies between 1pm and 3pm the same day. According to the election schedule, the same group should nominate the candidates to the vacant place owing to the withdrawal of candidacy and the party concerned should submit the same to the Election Commission until 3pm from October 6 to 8.

Similarly, October 8 has been fixed as the day for issuing a notice about the closed lists of candidates and seven days (October 9-15) have been given for challenging qualifications of candidates. On October 16, the EC will look into if they are any complaints in regard with the candidates’ qualifications and take a decision over it and on October 25, a notice about the removal of candidates’ name will be issued and the publications of the final name lists have been scheduled for October 9. These affairs will take place at the EC Office based in Bahadur Bhawan. 

As per the EC schedule, political parties submitted the closed list of candidates towards the PR elections on October 18-19 through the offices of the Chief Election Officer. (RSS)

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