Twenty-seven monkeys die due to drowning in pond


 Arghakhanchi, Oct 2 : As many as 27 monkeys were found dead in a pond, probably due to drowning, at Argha of Sandhikharka -9 in Arghakhanchi district.    

Balram Rayamajhi, a local, said the monkeys died due to drowning in irrigation pond. The locals suspect that one of the simians might have first gone to the pond to quench thirst and the rest of the members of the troop probably went to save that monkey and all died due to drowning.    

The pond is in the middle of a forest and people were not aware that the monkeys had gone into the pond; hence, they could not be rescued.    

A team led by the District Forest Office, Arghakhanchi inspected the scene and the dead monkeys have been retrieved from the pond in the witness of the people's representatives, police and local people. (RSS)     

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