Salt provided under grant reaches Humla after a year


By Our Correspondent, Humla, Sept 30: Transporting of salt, provided under a grant by Salt Trading Corporation, to Simkot, Humla, has started after a year.

Sita Air, the airline company with the responsibility of transporting the salt, had delayed the task following which the transportation started after one long year.

The corporation’s Humla branch chief Raj Bahadur Lama informed that the salt is carried on foot from Surkhet to Humla’s Salisalla and then transported by helicopter.

The corporation and Sita Air had agreed to transport the salt to Humla at Rs. 78 per kilogram. Sita Air had agreed on a lower rate than the one required to transport the salt to Humla in a bid to receive the contract. 

The same helicopter charges Rs. 100 per kilogram to transport goods of Food Management and Trading Company Limited from Salisalla to Humla.

Since Sita Air caused unnecessary delays later, the corporation was bound to take action and even warned to blacklist the company. 

Now, Sita Air has finally started transporting the salt to Humla. It charges Rs. 66 per kilogram for airlifting the salt from Salisalla. It costs Rs. 12 per kilogram to bring the salt to Salisalla from Surkhet.

Until now, 350 quintals of salt has been transported to Salisalla from Surkhet. Humla was allocated a quota of 2,200 quintals salt in last fiscal year 2021/22.

The corporation’s chief Lama informed that the transportation of salt to Simkot would be completed in a month.

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