Election code of conduct comes into effect from today


By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, Sept 28 :  The Election Commission Nepal (ECN) has directed the political parties, leaders and other concerned individuals to follow the ‘Election Code of Conduct, 2022’ from Wednesday. 

Issuing a 60-point directive to them, the election authority said that to maintain fairness, impartiality, transparency and fearless environment during the election, adherence to the code of conduct is crucial. 

“No work should be done to exhibit weapons or explosives, threaten anyone or damage their social prestige, boycott or threaten to boycott someone from the society, misuse economic resources to influence voters and votes,” said the ECN in a statement. 

The 60-point directives bar any candidates or concerned persons as well as organisations to offer or pledge or receive any gift, prize, donation in the form of cash or goods, and throw or participate in feasts.  

Independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, national unity, and dignity of the country should not be hurt or affected while conducting election and promotional campaign. Likewise, no one should disturb the harmony among the various castes, religions, classes, regions and communities or propagate hatred among them and incite violence.

People/agencies responsible to abide by the code of conduct:

a) Government of Nepal and its ministers

b) Provincial governments and its ministers

c) Constitutional bodies and their office bearers 

d) Agencies of federal and provincial government and their officials

e) Local executives and their members

f) Employees of federal, provincial and local level

g) Security agencies and its employees 

h) Government, semi-government and public offices and employees

i) Political parties and their sister organisations

j) Candidates and their relatives

k) Election agents and vote counting representatives of political parties and candidates

l) Public office holding individuals

m) Officials of the observation committee and monitors

n) Media institutions and their employees and media persons

o) Private and non-government organisations, and their employees

p) Teachers and staff of schools, colleges and universities

q) Voters

r) Development partner organisations

s) Projects run by government or semi-government agencies and their staff

t) Organisations running voters’ education and their staff

u) Officials, employees and workers of private sector banks and financial institutions, cooperative organisations, and commercial and industrial


v) Officials, employees and workers of commodity or service providing companies

w) Other agencies and persons identified by the ECN

The code of conduct has barred any political party, candidate, sister organisation or concerned individual from conducting demonstration or protest programmes targeting someone at his/her residence. 

They are not allowed to hold rallies and processions, corner meetings, mass meetings and other gatherings without obtaining permission from the local administration. 

Similarly, use of flags, clothes, stickers, caps, vests, T-shirts, jackets, shirts, towels, masks, badges or lockets containing the insignia, election symbol of the candidate or political parties is also restricted. Such items can’t be pasted or hung at public places or private properties. 

“More than two political parties, candidates or sister organisations of the parties should not organise rallies, processions, meetings and other programmes at the same location or road at the same time,” read the code of conduct. 

No stakeholders are allowed to announce to donate money or goods or prizes or election expenditures to any other parties while children are not allowed to be used in any political activities. 

No posters or digital displays or road shows are allowed for the election campaigns. 

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