2022 Foreign Minister’s Commendation to JUAAN


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Aug. 5: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has decided to award the Foreign Minister’s Commendation for FY 2022 to the Japanese Universities Alumni Association, Nepal (JUAAN).

It is more than half a century since its predecessor organization was established in 1973. Since then JUAAN has been committed to supporting Nepali students’ study in Japan and building a network after their return. JUAAN has also contributed to deepening understanding of Japan in Nepal through regular seminars on Japanese studies. Furthermore, through regular study meetings (named Benkyokai) and participation in JICA projects, JUAAN has continued to share knowledge and skills among its members for the development of Nepal, a press release of the Embassy of Japan read.

In recognition of these significant contributions over the years to the development of mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and Nepal, JUAAN has been selected to be the recipient of the Foreign Minister's Commendation for FY2022.

This year, 2022, marks the 120th anniversary of the year when the first eight Nepali students went to Japan for their studies. We are pleased, particularly in this commemorative year, to be able to honor JUAAN, an alumni association of Nepali students who also studied in Japan, as a testament to the friendship between the two countries.

The Embassy of Japan is confident that JUAAN and its members will continue to serve as a bridge between Japan and Nepal, further strengthening the relationship, friendship and cooperation between the two countries and their people, read the press release.

The Foreign Minister’s Commendations are awarded to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements in international fields in order to acknowledge their contributions to the promotion of friendship between Japan and other countries and areas. The Commendations also aim to promote understanding and support from the Japanese public regarding the activities of the recipients.

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