99% consturction work of Mahakali bridge completed


By Laxman Datta Pant, Mahendranagar, Aug. 4: 99 per cent of the construction work of the Mahakali river bridge has been completed. 

A four-lane bridge is under construction over the Mahakali River as the government's pride project with an aim to connect Dodhara-Chandani Municipality to the road network. The bridge is also being built keeping in mind the proposed dry port at Dodhara-Chandani.

It has been said that 99 per cent construction work of the bridge has been completed with the construction of 34 pillars and 32 slabs.

Construction Company CFEC JV's Engineer Kishor Raj Pandeya said that the blacktopping of the bridge has also neared completion. "Just 200-300 meters of blacktopping work is remaining," he said. 

He added that with the retreat of the rain, the remaining blacktopping work will be completed. The bridge construction started four years ago. 

He said, "Construction of the access roads at both the sides of the bridge has also been completed by 95 per cent." Three small bridges linking the access roads have also been constructed. 

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