Nepal achieves vaccination target


By Mahima Devkota, Kathmandu, Aug.3: Director of the Family Welfare Division under the Ministry of Health and Population claimed that Nepal has reached its target of vaccinating against COVID-19.

In a press brief on Wednesday, Dr. Bibek Kumar Lal, Director of the Family Welfare Division of the Department of Health Services, claimed that Nepal has reached its target of vaccination against COVID-19.

He said that the vaccination campaign in Nepal is the highest in South-East Asia. More than 73 per cent of the total population above 12 years has been vaccinated since the start of the vaccination campaign, on January 27, 2021.  

More than 92 per cent of the targeted population above 12 years have received at least a dose and 88 percent have received a complete jab.

Children aged 5 to 11 years have received complete doses of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine in 27 districts. Likewise, preparations are underway to conduct a vaccination campaign in the remaining 50 districts from August 24.

Dr. Lal stressed that the vaccination reduces the risk of infection and mortality, and urged denizens to get the vaccination and those who have missed vaccination to get their jabs in the nearby vaccination center.

So far, Nepal has received 58, 891,570 anti-COVID-19 vaccines. Of which, 27,491,600is from COVAX facility.

He pointed out that vaccine storage has increased in Nepal as well. Before COVID-19, vaccine storage capacity was only 145 cubic meters, but now it has increased by 532 per cent which is 917 cubic meters.

As per the MoHP, a total of 73 percent of the total population have received the first dose and 70 per cent of the total population has received a complete dose. With this, Nepal has listed itself as a country having more than 70 per cent of the vaccination coverage of the total population.

Syringes of 0.2 milliliters which are used for vaccination are underproduced, and GAVI has recommended Nepal to start the vaccination campaign following the procurement of syringes, but, Nepal decided to go on with the campaign citing its demand for a vaccination with syringes of 1 milliliter by seeking out pediatric doses from GAVI COVAX facility in line with the availability of syringes in the country, read the statement.

Dr. Samir Kumar Adhikari, spokesperson of MoHP in a press brief, said that it is observed that there is a lack of compliance of people in following health safety standards, however, COVID-19 cases are increasing in the country, and therefore, there is a need to be extra cautious.

He credited the increasing cases of COVID-19 to variants of Omicron and warned that Nepal might be facing another wave saying that when COVID-19 cases exponentially rise in India, then it spreads at a lightning speed rate in Nepal as well. 




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