Lawmakers sound alert on 'anti-federalism voices' raised in parliament, call for a ban



Kathmandu, July 29: Voices have been raised to ban the anti-federalism remarks as anti-federalism remarks have started coming into the parliament at a time when the entire nation is moving forward strengthening federalism. 

During a special hour in today's meeting of the House of Representatives, lawmaker Pramod Sah said no one has the freedom to make statements to weaken federalism achieved from people's sacrifice.    

He opined, "It will be only a daydream if anyone is thinking to weaken the federalism brought from oppressed people's sacrifice."    

Lawmaker Sah shared, "Lawmakers of some parties have made anti-federalism remarks in the parliament. I condemned it. It should be banned if the issue to weaken the federalism is raised in the parliament."    

He demanded ruling through the Speaker to suppress such voices, adding oppressed people would not leave any stone unturned to safeguard federalism.    

Asking to end anomalies seen in Tribhuvan University, Lal Babu Pandit expressed his surprise over frequent padlocking by the student organisation close to the ruling party.    

Pandit demanded to bring the Federal Civil Service Act, mentioning that problem has surfaced in service delivery in a lack of completion of civil servant adjustment task even though the country has already adopted a federal system.    

Umashankar Argariya accused the government of being apathetic to the fate of farmers who have been clamoring for timely supplies of fertilizers, seeds, and irrigation facilities. "Farmers across the country are struggling to sustain their occupation, their issues are being politicized and their plight continues."    

Suresh Kumar Rai demanded the timely completion of a road project connecting Ghurmi of Udayapur and Chatara of Sunsari district and Prakash Snehi Rasaili demanded an investigation into the gun firing that happened following the termination of contract employees from the Gurans rural municipality in Dailekh.    

Prem Suwal pressed the idea that the government should immediately take a lead to reopen closed drugs and garment industries at home. He said the nation could not be economically self-sufficient until the government takes ownership of the production of daily consumers and essential goods.  

Dr Shibamaya Tumbahamphe expressed her concern over the participation of government high-ranking people in a religious event at Pashupathinath organised by Krishna Giri who is accused of raping his woman follower. "The UML condemns the participation of government ministers and key people in the judiciary at the religious ceremony facilitated by the rape accused. This has been painful for the survivor."    

Jipchhring Lama said though monsoon rains have damaged roads in various parts of the country, increasing the risk of displacement in different areas, no initiations have been taken to restore the damaged roads and manage unsafe settlements.    

He stressed that the government must hear the people's voices.    

Gajendra Bahadur Mahat said the government did not show any seriousness to sort out the claim that 'M Adhikari', recently listed as one of the members of the UML finance and planning department, is the NRB governor Maha Prasad Adhikari.    

Lawmaker Shamina Hussein called the attention to the government towards the problem faced by farmers due to a shortage of fertilizers and irrigation during crop cultivation time, urging it to promptly address the problem.

She also demanded that the government should exempt the farmers from the loan they had taken for their children's education and for conducting social traditions.

She said the government should be serious about minimizing violence against women, especially the violence against women for not bringing enough dowries, which is found in the Madhesh province.   

Rajendra Kumar KC said the capital expenditure in the last fiscal year was only 57 per cent of the total budget and insisted on finding out where the shortcoming lies so that there is less spending.

He said although it is a matter of happiness that a tunnel way is being constructed at Nagdhunga, the trails used by the locals to go from one settlement to another have been displaced while constructing the approach road to the tunnel way. He called for restoring these traditional trails as the locals are facing problems traveling from one settlement to the next in the lack of these trails.    

Chandtara Kumari called on the government to give attention to the discrimination against the individuals who are working in the Singapore Police and British Army and their families, He urged the government to take initiation to resolve the problem. She said that the government and the leaders of the big parties should be serious as the US representative has come to Nepal to 'untangle' the knot of SPP.    

Yagya Bahadur Bogati demanded with the government to provide compensation to the families of three persons in Achham who died after their houses were buried by a landslide following incessant rain and free medical treatment to the people injured in this incident.    

He called for action against the construction company which has not completed the reconstruction of the historic Achham Durbar even after 14 years.    

Mohan Baniya said the parliament should be cautious as there are talks that the State Partnership Program (SPP) is being passed by the government. He also cautioned the government of the future consequences of the passage of the Citizenship Bill by ignoring 34 to 35 amendments registered in parliament against it and ignoring the protests.   

Dev Prasad Timilsina slammed the government for failing to supply fertilizers to farmers in time. He demanded that the government should declare certain areas in the Tarai as 'dry zone' as rice planting has not been possible in these areas due to drought and provide relief to the farmers. (RSS) 

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