Dragon fruit plants start yielding fruits in Pyuthan


Photo: Sujal Shrestha/TRN Dragon fruit farming by Shrestha and Gurung in Jhimruk, Pyuthan.

Pyuthan, July 24:  Nabin Kumar Shrestha and Lok Bahadur Gurung had jointly started Ishan Agro Farm in Jhimruk of Pyuthan district and planted dragon fruits during the beginning of 2022. The plants have now grown into trees and started producing the fruit.

They had begun dragon fruit cultivation with an investment of Rs. 5.5 million in Pyuthan Municipality of the district. Until now, they have sold 300 kilograms of dragon fruits in two lots. 

The farm has a land of 15 ropanis and dragon fruit is cultivated in 10 ropanis. "This is our maiden production. The trees are expected to produce up to 40 kilograms of fruits each later," said Shrestha.

"We had planned to get involved in turkey and kadaknath farming but we came in contact with dragon fruit farming during the period. We decided on dragon fruit as it was new in the area and it could get a good market in the district," Shrestha added. The duo now plan to develop the farm as an organic one. They have also started cultivating asparagus in the farm.

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