Homestay in Kawasoti improving women's life to a great deal


By Meena Kandel, Kawasoti, July 4: Homestay business has become a lucrative source of income for women in the Nawalpur district.

Co-manager of Amaltari Madhyawarti Homestay Pinky Mahato said that the living standard of women has greatly improved after the start of the homestay business.

She said that there was doubt in the initial days, whether tourists will prefer to come to homestay in spite of the standard hotel.  "We took courage, and now it has been good."

With the good business of homestays, now, there are around 31 homestays in Kawasoti municipality of Nawalpur district.  

Dhanmaya Mahato said that she earns around 40 thousand a month from the homestay.

Those who used to depend on fishing for livelihood in the past are now earning good income from running homestays and living a more comfortable life.

Locals said that role of women is significant in running the homestay. Amaltari Homestay, Pripar Community Homestay and Barauli Homestay are some of the homestays operated in the district.

The consumption of domestic production is going up after the flourishing of the business of homestay. It is also promoting the local culture. 

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