Work begins to conserve Prabhas Lake of Palpa


By Rekhi Ram Rana Tansen, June 7: Young people are working to preserve Prabhas Lake in Palpa.  In lack of conservation, garbage has, of late, been dumped in the lake, water hyacinths have covered it and the size of the lake has started diminishing.

To conserve the Lake, which is situated in Tansen-6, Prabhas, local youth have started removing the water hyacinths and the garbage. 

Ward chairman of Tansen-7 Pradip Khanal informed that they have launched a campaign to preserve the historic lake that spreads in an area of over 35 ropanis.

Khanal said, “We have started removing the weeds for the protection of the historic Prabhas Lake with an aim of promoting tourism in the region by conserving the lake.”

Although Prabhas Lake has its own historical significance, the locals said that the lake has become dirty because of the structures erected around the lake in recent years.

Mohan Lal Gaire, a local, said that the lake was getting buried due to the weeds growing in the lake, even the lotus plants have died because of the weed.

He said that the lake, which used to have clean water, has recently been covered by water hyacinth.

Fifteen years ago, fishing and boating were introduced in the Lake. In order to promote internal and external tourism, the then-District Development Committee had leased it, and boat service was brought into operation in the lake. But as the lake got dirtier, fishing and boating could not be continued.

Lal Bahadur Thapa, a local, said that it would be appropriate to expand the size of the lake by acquiring land of the area as some of the land belonging to the Lake has been registered in the name of individuals. 

He said that he was saddened to hear that even the area which was under the lake for five-seven decades has now been registered in the name of a person.

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