Poll staff, election materials airlifted to remote Chhangru and Tinkar areas


Lokendra Joshi/TRN

 By Lokendra Joshi, Darchula, May.9: Election materials have been transported by helicopter to the northern region of Darchula, near encroached Kalapani area.

A Nepali Army helicopter transported election materials to the polling stations at Chhangru and Tinkar in Byas Rural Municipality-1, Darchula district. The local level election is scheduled for May 13.

Dirgha Raj Upadhyay, Chief District Officer of Darchula District, said that no roadway has stretched from Nepal to the Byas area, therefore, election materials, along with staff and security personnel for the local poll, reached the place via helicopter for the purpose of conducting the local poll.

He said that ballot papers, voter ID cards, and other election materials were sent to polling stations of Chhangru and Tinkar by the helicopter of the Nepali Army on Monday morning.

There are 375 voters in the Kailashpati Ma. Vi. Center of Chhangru and 231 voters in the Mavi Moti Mahila Association Center at Tinkar. Locals have reached Byas from the district headquarters from the third week of this month.

Mobilization of Security personnel from three circles

An election security strategy has been prepared targetting the local elections in Darchula. A security strategy has been prepared and implemented in 110 polling stations and 139 polling booths in Darchula targeting times before, after, and during the election period in coordination with security agencies in the district.

According to CDO Upadhyay, security personnel from Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, National Investigation Department, Temporary (recruited for the election purpose) Police, and Nepali Army have been mobilized for the effective security plan.

Nepali Army and Armed Police Force have reached the place while the officials from Temporary Police and Nepal Police will reach the station along with the returning officers. 

Around 2,000 security personnel will be mobilized in Darchula during the election and all will be mobilized at working stations from May 8 to May 11. The polling stations are classified on the basis of geographical location, communication, and transportation facilities bearing in mind the events of previous elections.

Out of 110 polling stations and 139 polling booths, 11 polling stations have been classified as highly sensitive, 11 as sensitive and 88 as normal.

The security personnel has been directed to ensure the security situation for holding the poll in a fair, free and impartial manner. A total of 45,111 male and 43,174 female voters making a total of 88,285 voters are registered in the Darchula district, while, 1,081 staff have been stationed for the purpose of conducting the election.



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