Construction of museum building in Janakpurdham at final stage


By Our Correspondent,Jankpurdham, June 25: The construction of the Maithili Development Trust building has reached its final stage.  Madhes Province government has constructed the museum building for Rs. 70 million. 

Attractive rooms with a well-equipped museum have been constructed in the building of Maithili Development Trust in Janakpurdham, the capital of Madhes Province and the capital of ancient Mithila. 

Jeevannath Chaudhary, President of the Maithili Development Trust, who is actively involved in the upliftment of the Maithili language, literature and culture in Janakpurdham, said that the construction work of the building would be completed within the stipulated time.  The Trust aims to set up a museum reflecting the culture of the Mithila region, an assembly hall accommodating 300 members, a drama house, a library, a studio for making audio videos and a small meeting hall in the attractive four-storey building, said Chaudhari.  

"The construction work of the building has reached the final stage and we have mobilised workers to set up doors, taps and toilets by July/August," he said. 

Chaudhary believes that the first museum of Mithila will be a centre of attraction for tourists. 

The construction of this building will help in preserving and promoting the culture of Janakpurdham. Mithila paintings depicting the attractive Mithila culture have been painted on all four walls of the building.  

Mithila people are happy with the construction of a multi-purpose building with a well-furnished museum in Janakpurdham at a time when the conservation of Mithila culture is awaiting serious and concerted efforts.  

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