Maoist Centre has magical seat in parliament; govt. will serve full term, PM Prachanda says


Kathmandu, June 22: CPN (Maoist Centre) Chairman and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has urged one and all not to harbour any doubt on this coalition adding that the incumbent government will continue till the full term of the House of Representatives (HoR).     

The PM viewed that his government would serve the full term due to his party's history, contribution to the movement, current needs and also based on his party's seat numbers in the HoR.     

Inaugurating the seventh national general convention of Tamang National Liberation Front in Kathmandu on Saturday, the PM also asked the party leaders and cadres not to worry about the party's fewer seats in the HoR.     

Saying that efforts were made to create confusion about the toppling of his government, the PM said, "It is not that easy to replace us. We have a magical number in parliament. That magic will manage (the government) by different tricks," he added.     

He, however, said that his party was always honest in fully abiding by the understanding made with the political parties.     

On the occasion, PM Prachanda said his government was fully working against corruption and for the cause of social justice and prosperity in the country.     

Likewise, he said his party was preparing for organizing the general convention for the new thought and shared that the party's upcoming central committee meeting will fix the date for the general convention.     

"We will synthesize new ideology and will take ahead the party with new initiative and ideology. The general convention shall guide us to take the country to the new era of good governance and prosperity by strengthening the republic," PM Prachanda asserted.     

Recalling that his party played roles in the past in pitching for a special provision along with the right to self-determination for the new national unity based on the country's diversity, the Maoist Centre Chairman pledged to give new momentum to the party from three fronts -- government, parliament and street. "For this, I have taken positive, constructive and historical commitments to make the party's Fronts robust and link it with the people as a campaign," the Maoist Centre Chairman added.     

Saying that the republic in the country was possible due to contributions and sacrifices made by the Newar community of the Kathmandu Valley and the Tamang community of the nearby areas, PM Prachanda revealed that the party's ethnic fronts were being activated that were passive after the promulgation of the constitution.     

He recalled that the People's War was initiated by centralizing the oppressed ethnic communities and regions and added that their demands and issues were made an inseparable part of the revolution to unite them.     

Also speaking at the event, CPN (Maoist Centre) Vice Chairman Agni Prasad Sapkota said the Tamang community, which has been making outstanding contributions to Nepal's political, economic and social sectors, made a great contribution to the People's War.     

Sapkota shared that a search for the ideology and debate was ongoing for the broader unification of the left parties and reconstitution of the communists in the country.     

Maoist Centre's assistant general secretary and Finance Minister Barshaman Pun said ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversities should be reflected in all state apparatus since the country was diverse in those areas.     

Lawmaker Mina Tamang said ethnic and class-based liberation was possible if the issues raised by the Maoist in the time of the People's War were implemented.     

Chairman of the general convention organizing committee and HoR Member Surya Man Dong stressed that the state should honour the contributions made by the Tamang community for the country's political changes.     

The Tamang National Liberation Front, the ethnic front of the Maoist Centre, is organizing its two-day-long seventh national general convention with the slogan for Tamslaing Province and Socialist Revolution.     

On the occasion, PM Prachanda, Vice-Chairman Sapkota, Minister Pun, former Speaker Onsari Ghartimagar and others were feted.(RSS)

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