Cultural revolution necessitates social transformation: PM Prachanda


Kathmandu, May 30: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said a socialist cultural revolution necessitates social transformation.     

PM Prachanda stressed the need to establish a socialist culture by wiping out superstition. He said it while inaugurating the 8th national conference of People's Culture Federation, Nepal.     

"Society is the foundation of culture, so social transformation is required to elevate socialist cultural movement," he viewed, adding that people's life style can be regarded as a base of the socialist culture, which can be organized gradually.     

The PM who is also the Chairman of the CPN (Maoist Centre) reminded the days of cultural movement during the armed revolution. He suggested formation and mobilization of local clubs for promotion of production and labour culture.     

"The oriental philosophy is rich. The knowledge and philosophy have however no national boundary. So the human knowledge gained across the globe is everyone's common property and pride," he reminded.     

The PM reiterated that establishment of socialist culture is essential against consumerism and postmodernism.     

Moreover, a civilized culture is the soul of life. Promotion and protection of art, culture, drama, music etc can help lay a foundation for socialist culture.     

According to him, time has come to make serious review why politicians were belittling the cultural revolution. PM Prachanda urged the Federation to bring to fore the multidimensional achievements f republic through intellectual debates and researches.     

Moreover, the head of the executive made it clear that ruling coalition had no problems, as it was moving ahead in direction of social justice, good governance and prosperity.     

The budget had given a top priority to the literature, art and culture. Museums would be set up in the ancient settlements with the collaboration of the concerned communities, he added.(RSS)

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