Embassy of Israel in Nepal observes 76th Independence Day


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, May 30: The Embassy of Israel in Nepal marked 76th Independence Day of the state of Israel here today. 

Speaking in the independence day ceremony in Kathmandu, Ambassador of Israel Hanan Goder said, “This is our National Day, and this term, “National Day”, opens the door for something we believe was granted us long ago”.

He said that independence and sovereignty are dear to any nation, and it took 2,000 years for Israel to obtain it again. Israel is proud of what it has achieved over 76 years. 

The Ambassador further said that the murderous event of 7th October will be remembered forever by Israel. "The release of the remaining 125 hostages is our main goal. We will continue to make any effort and bring them safely home. The effort includes release of Bipin Joshy". 

He compared Nepal and Israel as being small nations in a fast changing world and working together to maintain identity. "We are small but we are proud for our languages, our culture, our nature, our landscape and many other elements that build our identity. This is the reason, despite the long geographical distance we have such a strong bridge between our two nations, governments and people".  

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