Over Rs. 1 million collected for treatment of paralysed man


By Raj Kumar Bhattarai,Khotang, May 27: Dukendra Shrestha, 28, of Lichki Ramche in Khotehang Rural Municipality of Khotang district, has been suffering from severely bent and deformed body posture for the past 17 years.

Shrestha, who was unable to get proper treatment due to poor economic status, has received a donation of more than Rs. 1 million. 

He began receiving financial support from February 15 this year after a news about his condition was published in the Gorkhapatra Daily. Dilip Shrestha, currently in Qatar, started the 'Save Dukendra Shrestha Campaign' to raise funds for Dukendra's treatment. 

The campaign is still ongoing. Donations can be made to account number 0940538203205001 at Laxmi Sunrise Bank under the name of relative Peshal Man Shrestha.  

So far, Rs. 1,015,248 has been deposited into the account and Rs. 20,500 of that has already been handed over to Dukendra. 

The campaign was started after doctors said that Dukendra could be cured if treated in India. Ramesh Rawat, currently in Malaysia, has also supported the campaign. 

Born on May 8, 1995, Dukendra's health was normal until he started experiencing leg pain at the age of 11. The pain gradually spread from his thighs to his calves and eventually to his waist, causing his body to bend. He lost the ability to walk and now moves by crawling with the help of his hands. Both his legs have become severely shrunken and deformed.

Initially, Dukendra was treated by shamans, but his condition worsened, leading his family to take him to various hospitals. According to Dukendra's relative Peshal Man Shrestha, doctors had confirmed Dukendra suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. 

Additionally, Dukendra was also diagnosed with a heart-related nerve disease and was recommended to get injections every 15 days.  

However, due to financial constraints, regular injections were not possible and Dukendra was kept home without treatments.

Meanwhile, Dukendra was taken to Damak last year for treatment. His father Krishna Narayan Shrestha and stepmother Bhadra Kumari Shrestha have been staying in someone else's house in Damak. 

According to Shrestha family, some improvement in Dukendra's health was seen after getting therapy there. But, they could not proceed for detailed treatment due to lack of money. 

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