'Bha Bha Bha Bha Bhoot' centers around child psychology


Phadinra Adhikari,Pokhara, May 27: The drama 'Ba Ba Ba, Bhoot' based on child psychology, was staged in Pokhara on Saturday. 

The play written by playwright Sarubhakta, will be shown at the Gandharbha Theater of Pokhara throughout Jestha.

In the scorching heat of Saturday afternoon, when the audience even in the air-conditioned room were also wiping their sweat, they were suddenly surprised to see a lot of children climbing uphill, wearing jackets and sweaters. 

These schoolchildren, who had gone hiking, reached the base camp at Machhapuchhare and stopped. Despite the fatigue and risks of hiking, the students who ventured into the Himalayan region during their holidays were afraid of ghosts. This fear is the central theme of the play ‘Bha Bha Bha Bha Bhoot’. 

Sarubhakta praised the performance of the children. The actors, who had taken acting training after completing this year's SEE, brought the story to life.

The play highlights the eagerness of children who have gone on a hike and incorporate humor and satire effectively. 

Playwright Sarubhakta has used his imagination to depict an old palace near the Machhapuchhare base camp.

Rumours have spread that the queen of that palace had committed suicide, and the area was frequently haunted by ghosts. The children get frightened when a woman suddenly appears in front of their tent, claiming to be a ghost. 

Later, it is revealed that the woman who committed suicide was not the queen, Hiunkeshari, instead, it was a woman pretending to be a ghost. The main character, ‘Dai’, concludes that ghosts are illusions and they don’t exist.

The play was included in Sarubhakta’s collection Balbalikako Natak published in 2053 BS.

Sarubhakta said that the fear of ghosts was very prevalent among children, prompting him to give it a theatrical form.

 “Events such as people falling ill due to the fear of ghosts and their homes being abandoned are still heard,” he said. “Things that don’t exist are making people yearn for them.”

The director of the play said that the one-hour performance helped dispel the misconception that children have about ghosts. Pokhara Theater, which has been organising the Children’s Drama Festival, prioritises plays centred on child psychology.

The cast includes Ranju Dahal, Pariwartan, Sanita Thapa, Aakas Pariyar, Rashmi Parajuli, Rahul Shrestha, Supruma Shrestha, Anisha Dhakal, Aisa Sangraula and Pratibha Adhikari.

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