Medical doctors' number crosses 45,000 in Nepal


Kathmandu, May 26: The number of registered doctors has reached 45,498 in the country as of mid-January 2024, according to the Ministry of Finance.     

As stated in the Economic Survey of 2080/081 BS, the number of medical doctors is 30,027 and 4,883 dentists while the number of specialist doctors registered in the Nepal Medical Council is 10,588. Of the total, 35.9 percent of medical doctors are women.     

During that period, 122,313 nurses of different categories were registered in the Nepal Nursing Council. Of them, the number of specialist nurses is 1,507 and 37,420 are ANM. The number of midwives is 66.     

In terms of human resource production, there are 1.2 doctors and 2.83 nurses per 1,000 population in the health sector in Nepal.     

Likewise, the Economic Survey stated that 849 foreign nurses are working in Nepal.(RSS)

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