Int'l cooperation essential to cope with climate change: Chief Secretary Aryal


Kathmandu, May 23: Experts and stakeholders emphasized the need for international cooperation to ensure effective climate actions.     

The participants in the second day of the international experts' dialogue on mountains, humans and climate change' laid emphasis that global crisis could not be tackled with lone efforts.     

On the occasion, Chief Secretary Baikunth Aryal addressed a session on 'advancing the mountain action plan: on global cooperation and regional partnership' and opined that common ground could be built for global cooperation to mitigate the impacts of climate crises. He argued Nepal was working effectively to meet the target of zero carbon emission strategy.     

Although mountains are hit hard by the climate crisis, it is burning issue of the present world, Aryal added.     

Easy access to finance was imperative to tackle climate crisis, he said, suggesting the mountainous countries to make a uniform voce for it.     

According to him, Nepal had given priority to electric vehicles.     

Similarly, addressing the same event, former chief secretary and advisor to the National Security Council, Shankar Das Bairagi, underscored that conservation of the mountainous region is essential for the protection downstream area as well.     

The developed countries need to limit carbon emissions and funds need be allocated for the Himalayan countries, he viewed.     

Other representatives from the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, World Bank, and FAO Mountain Partnership Secretariat, also expressed their views on the need for intensifying collaboration for effective climate actions. (RSS)

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