DPM Shrestha bats for climate justice


Kathmandu, May 22: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Narayan Kaji Shrestha, has opined for the protection of the earth by minimizing the problems caused by climate change.     

Speaking in an 'International Dialogue' related to climate change and its effect, held in Kathmandu on Wednesday, he said that due to climate change, the Himalayas are more affected and the snow is melting, so joint efforts are necessary to reduce these problems.     

DPM Shrestha viewed that the climate change will continue to have a negative impact on the mountainous regions of countries like Nepal therefore all should be aware of its adverse effects on time. He emphasized that the temperature increase should be limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius, saying that the increasing temperature of the earth will increase the problem of climate change rapidly.     

"The problems caused by climate change will continue to increase. As this is affecting the Himalayan region more, it seems that people's life there will become more difficult and complicated," he said, mentioning that the effects of climate change are having a serious impact on the peoples of the Himalayas, the climatic system, agriculture, wildlife among others.     

Minister Shrestha opined that if mitigation and adaptation preparations are not made, the impact will be more adverse and vulnerable in the days to come.     

He said, "So now we have to raise our voices for climate justice." (RSS)

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