Attraction of vegetable stalls in Asan Bazaar streets: In pictures


Photos: Chhetu Sherpa/TRN

By Chhetu Sherpa, Kathmandu, May 14: A throng of vegetable vendors carrying vegetables on their shoulders can be seen in the wee hours at the roadside in Asan. 

After 8 AM the look of the city changes, and vegetables are replaced with clothes, ornaments, and all, but in the morning the place is won by vegetables and vegetable vendors. In the wee hours, one can spot vegetables with vegetable vendors carrying the weight of their vegetables on a wooden plank on the shoulders. The place's speciality is that one can get vegetables as low as 1Rs  10 and even in Mana, Dharni and Dhak ( local measuring unit). 

Asan is becoming the first choice for people from a humble background. People from all walks of life, from taxi drivers, lorry drivers, workers, labourers, and wage workers to rich people, all flock around Asan Bazaar to get their daily dose of freshly produced vegetables. 

local taxi driver Sanjeev Tamang said that he visits Asan Bazaar as one gets fresh vegetables at lower prices every day and it reduces the painstaking tedious job of storing food.  It has become a place for people of humble backgrounds to make their daily end meets. 

The Asan Bazaar is known for people who make a humble living.  It is one of the oldest and busiest marketplaces in the country's capital. 

Recalling their times elderlies said that one could find a similar scenario where local vegetable vendors used to sell fresh vegetables and their produce in the market therefore it is the first choice of sellers. 

Even though Asan Bazaar is old, it has inculcated modern technology as well, from QR scan to exchanging money for goods, one can find it all in the place. 

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