Simkot purchases 480 quintals of indigenous food crops to send to Kathmandu


By Our Correspondent,Humla, Apr. 23: Simkot Rural Municipality in Humla has bought 480 quintals of indigenous food crops from local farmers to sell to the Food Management and Trading Company Limited (FMTCL).

This time, the rural municipality has purchased almost three times more crops grown in the upper mountainous region than last year. 

Simkot Rural Municipality has already started handing over the purchased food items to the FMTCL.

Chief of the Agricultural Department of the rural municipality Netra Bahadur Shahi said that they started processing the crops they had bought from the farmers.

Last year, four types of crops-- hog millet, kaguno, beans, and buckwheat-- amounting to 130 quintals were sold to the FMTCL.

According to the data made available by the Agricultural Department, 300 quintals of hog millet bought for Rs. 130 per kg has been processed. Similarly, 80 quintals of beans were bought at the rate of Rs. 200 per kg and 70 quintals of kaguno were bought for Rs.130 respectively. Both crops are being processed.

Similarly, 20 quintals of uwa and 10 quintals of millet were bought for Rs. 130 and Rs.100 per kg respectively.

As of Sunday, 30 quintals of the food crops have already been sent to Kathmandu. As the demand for the indigenous crops grown in Karnali has been high in Kathmandu, Simkot Rural Municipality has been buying more foods to supply to Kathmandu, said Nabin Acharya, chief of the FMTCL.

The FMTCL has been selling the foods of Karnlai in Kathmandu.

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