Masan dance performed


By Our Correspondent,Sunsari, Apr. 20: In the morning, more than a dozen people were seen collapsing on the side of the road in Laukahi Bazaar, Koshi Rural Municipality, Sunsari. 

A quick look revealed the sight of people who had died or were seriously injured in an accident, and a group of people were running around carrying homemade wooden weapons.

 It was understood that this was not a shooting or an accident involving a film actor. 

Instead, it was a depiction of a scene from the Bengali Kabiratha cast performing ‘Masan’ dance in the village of Laukahi in Koshi Rural Municipality 1. 

Laukahi is inhabited by a significant population of Bengali Kabiratha people.

During the opening ceremony of Masan, the traditional cultural dance of the Kabiratha caste community is performed, and the temple priests cleanse the Masan and escort them home through the temple premises.

The Kabiratha caste people perform Masan dances to mark the New Year celebrations.  Residents craft Masan figures as messengers of Shiva, near the Shiva Parvati temple. 

During the original cultural event, some Masan figures would ask for pigeon food. This led people to put live pigeons into the Masan’s mouth.

 Prameshwor Mandal, a local authority, informed that the beak or neck of the pigeon that enters the Masan’s mouth is bitten and sucked, and the rest of the bird is taken as ‘prasad’ (food offering to God) by the locals.

  Mandal said that it has been organising the Masan in Laukahi for over a century. Since Masan is considered the messenger of Lord Shiva, the Bengali community performs the Masan dance to uphold this cultural tradition. 

Chandra Dhami Kabiratha, the priest of the Shiva Parvati temple, said that they arrange authentic cultural programmes and celebrate 

the new year.  According to Kabiratha, from the first day of the new year, Masan plays or dances are performed for a week.

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