NEA cuts off power supply to political party offices in Baitadi


By Baitadi Correspondent, Baitadi, April 19: The electricity supply line connected to the district party offices of the three political parties has been cut off as the bills heaped for more than six years. The electric line of the party building of the Nepali Congress, CPN (UML) and CPN (Maoist Center) was cut off.

As per the rules, one has to pay the bill within three months, but when the district party offices of the main political parties failed to pay electricity bills for more than six years the supply lines were disconnected.

Chief of the Baitadi Distribution Center under Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA),  Janardan Paudel said that the electricity supply was cut off failing to see an alternative. 

As per the tariff list of the Baitadi Distribution Center, NC needs to pay Rs 41,000, CPN (UML) Rs 18,000 and CPN (Maoist Center) needs to clear Rs 47,000 making a total of Rs 108,000.

Treasurer of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Users Committee Bhagwan Chand said that the pipeline of the Office of CPN (Maoist Center) was disconnected as it failed to pay the bills timely.

He said that Rs 8,000 is due to CPN (Maoist Center).  Even though the party office was informed about this time and again, failure to receive any response led to the disconnection of the pipeline.

Nepali Congress has not connected the pipeline, while CPN (UML) pays the bill timely.

The locals demand that the major political parties pay bills timely, blaming the irresponsibility on the part of the major political parties. 

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