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Technology, the practical application of knowledge and skills to craft tools, machines, and processes, revolutionises how we live, work, and interact around the world. It helps to enhance work convenience and capability in myriad ways. Without it, our lives wouldn't have been easier. All the developments and upgrades in the present world have happened only because of improvements in technology. Across diverse domains like science, education, communication, engineering, banking, business, industries, entertainment, and e-commerce, technology plays a pivotal role. 

It enables feats beyond human capacity. Technology has become an indispensable facet of human civilization, permeating every aspect of our daily lives. Technology helps us with communication. With mobile phones, the internet, and social media, we can talk to people from anywhere in the world right away. This makes it easier for us to share information, ideas, and feelings, no matter where we are. In businesses, too, technology helps companies do their work more efficiently and helps create new types of businesses and jobs.

Students today don't just rely on textbooks; they also turn to computers for learning. Technology offers educational opportunities that cater to students' needs. With online studying, educational apps, and digital books readily available, students can access a vast array of resources whenever and wherever they need them. This flexibility enables them to engage in lifelong learning and acquire skills essential for thriving in today's job market. Similarly, in the healthcare sector, hospitals leverage medical devices for various purposes, including patient care and record-keeping. Beyond the above areas, technology plays a central role in everything from environmental sustainability to social justice. 

Incentives in renewable energy, pure technology, and environmental monitoring contribute to climate change and promote sustainable development. Technology also requires civic engagement, social activism, and democratic participation.

While technology undoubtedly brings numerous benefits to society, it also carries potential drawbacks if misused. It's crucial to wield technology responsibly to avoid negative impacts. For instance, cyberbullying has emerged as a significant concern, causing fear, sadness, depression, and isolation among its victims. Sadly, many individuals exploit digital platforms to harass others. 

Moreover, the proliferation of cybercrimes and violations of cyber laws pose a serious threat in today's world, necessitating stringent measures to curb such activities. 

The misuse of emerging technologies has led to a surge in technology-enabled fraud, highlighting the importance of vigilant regulation and enforcement.

Technology has some downsides too, especially for students. 

Even young kids are using phones now. While we can talk to people online, it is not the same as talking face-to-face. We are spending so much time on our phones and not spending time with real people, which is hampering our mental health. Using phones a lot can create health problems. 

It strains our eyes and can make it hard to sleep. Some people stay up all night on their phones, which is bad for their eyes and messes up their sleep. It will have a bad impact on overall health. And then there is the environment. 

Making gadgets takes a lot of energy and resources, which hurts the planet. When we discard old gadgets, they often end up in landfills, leaking harmful chemicals into the soil and water, which hampers the environment. So, while technology has its good sides, it can also affect human society. We should use technology carefully to avoid harming ourselves or the planet.

(Grade X, The Chandbagh School)

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