Viplob Pratik comes up with Haiku collection


By A Staff Reporter,Kathmandu,Apr.1: Viplob Pratik has released a collection of Haiku titled ‘Schadenfreude’.

Composer Nhyoo Bajracharya, actor Sunil Thapa, and musical activist Rinchen Yonjan jointly unveiled the book amid a programme held in Kathmandu on Saturday. 

 Having made significant contributions across various literary genres including poetry, songs, novels, dramas, essays, journalism, cinema, documentaries, translations, and advertisements, Viplob now introduces his readers to the subtle art of haiku for the first time. 

Reflecting on his journey with the genre, Viplob shared, “I became drawn to haiku around 2006. 

A haiku that came to me while visiting Bhaktapur to recite poetry ultimately led me to this moment,” read a press release issued by Nepalaya, the publication house.

 He emphasised the power of condensing life’s turmoil and philosophy into just 17 syllables across three lines, showcasing the potency of words in conveying profound expressions.

 Saijan Maske, CEO of Publication Nepalaya, highlighted their commitment to promoting poetry alongside other literary genres. 

In line with their mission to promote poetry, Publication Nepalaya has launched the ‘E Kavita Abhiyan’ campaign under the coordination of poet Shrawan Mukarung, enabling poetry enthusiasts worldwide to enjoy weekly recitations online.

 ‘Schadenfreude’ is also available as an audiobook. Priced at Rs. 495, the book is available in both physical and e-book formats.

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