Madheshi Ekta Samaj throws Iftar reception in Dubai


By A Staff Reporter, Kathmandu, March 25: Madheshi Ekta Samaj, an umbrella organisation of Madheshi Diaspora living abroad, threw an Iftar reception in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the auspicious occasion of ongoing Ramadan month.

Hundreds of Muslims and Hindus from Nepal’s Madhesh region living in the UAE participated in the reception hosted at Jubilee Park in Dubai.  Some Muslims from India and Pakistan also had attended the reception.  

Iftar is a meal held every day after fasting during the Ramadan. Muslims observing the Ramadan do not consume food or drink between sunrise and sunset. They break their fast with Iftar after evening prayer.

The Inftar reception attendees had wore a Muslim skull cap called kufi on the occasion.

The attendees said that the function had conveyed a message of social harmony and fraternity to the people of both religions.

On the occasion, they greeted each other with expressing Happy Holi and Ramjan Mubarak.

Following the reception, Md. Faizan praised the function thanking its organizer. Similarly, vice chairman of the Samaj Shailendra Kumar Yadav said that the programme was convened to unite people of all castes, religions and languages of Madhesh into a single thread.

 Another participant, Md. Faizal expressed gratitude and conveyed greetings to Hindus on the occasion of Holi.     

Senior advisor of the Samaj Suresh Kumar Yadav said that their organisation often held such cultural functions that would surely contribute to uniting the people of all castes, religions and languages from Madhesh.

Former chairman of the Samaj Krishna Thakur said that the Samaj organised such cultural activities to uphold human unity among all castes, communities and religions.

Founder of the Samaj Dr. Rabindra Kumar Yadav said that the Samaj held such function on the occasion of Holi and Ramadan every year to further strengthen human and social bonds between Hindu and Muslim communities.

Dr. Yadav further informed that the Samaj had begun Iftar party every year in Dubai on the occasion of Ramadan since 2015.

Following the Iftar party, the participants celebrated Hoili festival exchanging colours and greetings. The festival was celebrated in the Kathmandu valley and Hilly region yesterday and it is being marked today in the Terai-Madhesh  region.

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