PM Prachanda commends Prof. Subedi’s achievements at book launch event


By A Staff Reporter,Kathmandu, Mar. 17: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ praised the remarkable accomplishments of Nepalis worldwide drawing attention to their achievements on the global stage.

PM Prachanda made these remarks during the launch of the book titled ‘From Post Doctorate to Nobel Prize Nomination’ (Mahabidhyawari Dekhi Nobel Shanti Puraskar Manonayan Samma) authored by Prof. Dr. Surya Subedi at PM’s residence in Baluwatar on Saturday.

PM Prachanda specifically highlighted the accomplishments and contributions of Dr. Subedi. 

Addressing the attendees, PM Prachanda underscored the impact of globalisation on the Nepali diaspora, noting that many Nepalis abroad have achieved remarkable success. 

“I sought Professor Surya Subedi’s assistance while drafting the Constitution of Nepal and reviewing past treaty agreements with India. He played a crucial role in those endeavours. Even in the recent Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement, his input provided a middle-path which we embraced,” 

said PM Prachanda.

PM Prachanda also lauded Dr. Subedi, emphasising the importance of harnessing his intellect for the nation-building efforts in Nepal. Extending congratulations to Dr. Subedi for his remarkable achievements, PM Prachanda acknowledged the significance of his contributions, affirming that they would be duly recognised and valued.

In 2020, the Council of Ministers formed an expert committee to address various international issues. Dr. Subedi’s inclusion in the committee underscored his expertise in international law. Over six months, Dr. Subedi meticulously analysed materials sourced from UK agencies, culminating in an international-level report.

Dr. Subedi’s assistance in drafting Nepal’s constitution and evaluating past treaty agreements with various countries proved helpful. His input, including a balanced proposal for the recent MCC agreement, was invaluable and duly implemented.

During the launch event, Dr. Subedi elaborated on the highlights of the book summarising Nepal’s democratic movement, Cambodia’s peace process, and its implications for 

international law.

As Nepal navigates complex geopolitical challenges, Dr. Surya Subedi’s expertise continues to be a beacon of hope. His dedication to advancing Nepal’s interests both domestically and on the international stage underscores the invaluable contributions of Nepali intellectuals worldwide.

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