Currencies from 46 countries collected in Pathibhara


By Chandra Pandak,Taplejung, Mar. 2: Foreign currencies from forty-six different countries have been collected at the Pathibhara Temple, a revered pilgrimage site in Taplejung district of Koshi Province. 

The devotees who visited the Pathibhara temple to worship made monetary offerings and donations. 

Prajin Hangbang, the Executive Director of the Pathibhara Area Development Committee, said that foreign currencies from over 46 countries, including the US dollars, have been collected.  Among the collected currencies, US dollars amounted to 3,933.   

According to him, the highest amount collected in the temple was South Korean Won at 860,000. 

Similarly, Indonesian Rupiah 16,000, Japanese Yen 14,129, Iranian Rial 10,000, Oman Rial. 9,740, Qatari Riyal 4,092, Saudi Riyal 1,725 and Vietnamese Dong  2,400 were collected. The smallest amounts collected include one Libyan Dinar, three Iceland’s Korna and four Jordanian Dinar.

According to the Committee, Indian rupees (IC) are collected in millions. Additionally, Indian coins are also being gathered in thousands of rupees. 

Nabin Niraula, an employee of the committee, revealed that the counting of Indian coins is currently underway, and so far, coins of more than IRs. 490,000 have been counted.

The committee has informed that the foreign currencies collected at Pathibhara are being exchanged and utilised by the committee to generate income. 

Of the donations and offerings made in Nepali rupees, a total of Rs. 89.54 million has been deposited in the committee's account so far.

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