Nepal is a model for inter- faith harmony: religious leaders


By A Staff Reporter, Kathmandu, Feb 7: Despite the religious diversity, Nepal is a model country for inter-religious harmony, the leaders of different religions stated.

On the occasion of World Interfaith Harmony Week, religious leaders said this at a programme organized by the National National Inter-Religious Network (NIRN)-Nepal in Kathmandu.

Lately, international organisations have also set programmes to praise the role of religious leaders for the end of harmful traditional practices, so the role of religious leaders should be increased, said Jib Prasad Pokharel, Islamic religious leader.

Damodar Gautam, President of the Inter-Religious Council, said that since various elements are started to be active in Nepal to disturb religious harmony, therefore, religious leaders of all religions should unite and move forward.

He further said that a person who commits violence and injustice cannot be a religious leader. 

Rati Shrestha, Vice President of NIRN said that World Interfaith Harmony Week started to celebrate as per the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly.

Nahida Banu, the manager of NIRN, informed that it was possible to put an end to the evils in the society by organizing various programs through inter-religious activities. Banu informed that they were able to cancel 58 child marriages from 2020 to 2023 in the initiation of religious leaders. Banu also informed that school enrollment also increased in their initiation.

Christian pastor Mahendra Bhattarai said that media should not promote politics held in the name of religion.

Deepak Acharya, manager of CIN, said that media are playing a role in religious harmony as well as social transformation by spreading the voices of religious leaders to everyone.

Monk Piyadassi Maharjan, the president of NIRN Nepal, informed that the organization is working to reduce harmful practices of the society as per the suggestion of stakeholders.

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