Only two pillars of bridge stand in nine years


By Sher Bahadur Sarki,Bajura, Feb. 7: Construction of a bridge over the Barjugad Khola connecting Khaptad Chhededaha Rural Municpality-3 and Budhiganga Rural Municpality-4 in Bajura district has not been completed even nine years after the work began. 

A contract for the construction of the 45-metre-long bridge was awarded to Achham's Saud Adventure JV in 2015 for Rs. 20 million with a deadline of 2019. However, the company has constructed only two pillars of the bridge in nine years. 

Khadak Khadka, a local from Tunisain in Ward No. 3 of the rural municipality, said that the construction work had not been completed even nine years after the work on the project began. The delay has caused inconvenience to locals in crossing the Barjugad River, and even deaths.

On June 25 last year,  23-year-old Sangita Saud of Gwaniki in Khaptad Chhededaha Rural Municipality-4 lost her life while crossing the river. 

Khadka complained that the construction company had been extending the deadline and their pain had remained unaddressed. 

Meanwhile, Ramesh Saud, a representative of the construction company, said that the construction work was delayed due to a landslide at the place where the first layout was prepared. It took time for them to conduct a soil test in the second location. 

He said, "After preparing a report on the soil test, we have now started constructing a bridge at the second location. Approximately 70 per cent of the construction work has been completed."  He said that the work got delayed since the Galaxy Engineering Company took two years to deliver the construction materials. Now, almost all materials have arrived, he added.

Saud assured that the construction work would be completed within a few months. 

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