Baitadi's Shivanath declared drought-affected area


Dried up water source Photo: Gokarna Dayal/TRN

By Gokarna Dayal, Baitadi, Jan 23: The Shivanath Rural Municipality, Baitadi, has been declared a drought-affected area as sources of water are dying up in the area. The Rural Municipality has been thirstful after the sources of water which were built with an investment of Rs 8 million dried up. 

The 12th village assembly on Saturday declared the rural municipality as a drought-affected area when the water sources dried up before the Simar Lift Water Project could be completed. 

Karna Saud, Chairperson of the Shivanath Rural Municipality, said that the concerned authorities said that the water sources are drying up because of the construction of roads and drought. Even though attempts have been made to revive the water sources to no avail. As a result, the rural municipality has been declared as drought drought-affected area. 

Mahamal Singh Saud, a local said that even though millions of investments have been made to complete the ‘One Home, One Water Tap’, project no water has been dripping from water taps.  Mahamal Singh who is also a teacher asked a people’s representative when water came on the tap of the school.   

50 per cent of water sources dried up

According to the ground study, the natural water sources, well, have been drying each year. The water coming from 32 millilitres thick people from Meetbhita Duwala water source of Shivanath Rural Municipality-1, is almost dry now. The water source dried because of the construction road just above the sources of water, because of which there has been a shortage of water in Dubala village. 

The Rural Municipality had allocated a budget of Rs eight lakh in the fiscal year 2075/76 and Rs two lakh last year to solve the issues of water, by finding water sources but when no water sources got traced, locals are knocking the doors of people’s representatives by carrying the work plan with them. 

Gobinda Prasad Devkota, Water Supply and Sanitation Division Office (WSSDO), Baitadi, said that water sources have been drying up all over the district not only in Shivanath. 

The ground research showed that half of the 8,000 wells are dried up in the 10 local bodies and 84 wards of the Baitadi district. 

As the natural water sources are drying up, the planning has been to draw water from water as an alternative. 

According to the data of the Water Supply and Sanitation Division Office (WSSDO), Baitadi, as many as 17 lift water projects have been running in the district in the last year. 

The rural municipality has been planning to draw water from the Mahakali River as water resources in Shivanath Rural municipality which is in sandy land are drying up.

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