PM insists on result-based performance, says he is seeking channel to promote public trust


Patan (Lalitpur), Dec 6: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said the incumbent government has been able to instill a ray of hope among the people in one year. 

Speaking at an interaction programme on 'Nepal's economy and form of governance' organised by the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers in Lalitpur-based Nepal Administrative Staff College today, the Prime Minister pledged to introduce and implement a new approach to service delivery, development endeavors and the policy formulations. "We have completed a year at the office. And, I am in the pursuit of a way to instill more hope among the people."  

As the Prime Minister said, Nepal's bureaucracy is competent in terms of knowledge, experience and ability, but it has not been fully utilized.  "There is somewhere a gap in the competency of bureaucracy and its utilization, and ways to bridge this gap must be explored through a discourse."    

He said he realised the lack of coherence between the political leadership and bureaucracy in terms of results when Nepal's bureaucracy is globally competent, professional, skilled and experienced. 

According to the Prime Minister, the government is concentrated on improving the overall governance system, by ensuring citizen-oriented service system. "We have proceeded towards reviewing the governance system by establishing a dedicated commission so as to advance towards a result-based system."  

Citizens always look forward to receiving an enhanced service delivery system. Their trust in political leadership and bureaucracy will derail in the absence of a reliable and result-oriented system, he said. 

He said the results of his directives to secretaries he issued shortly after assuming offices were not encouraging. "Somewhere, there are problems and it is necessary to find solutions."  

PM Prachanda insisted on the need to explore ways to bring quality changes in the economy ahead. He pressed the idea of finding out policy and structural loopholes and in the limitations in the performance. 

Sharing about the government's actions towards preparing policies, programmes and budget for the upcoming fiscal year, he thought of identifying areas for administrative and economic improvements and raising hopes for citizens.   

"He also urged the bureaucracy to prioritize the improvement of the existing system to ensure prompt services to citizens by keeping them at the center. Stating that people will remain discontented until there are reforms in the government service system, he clarified that the satisfaction level of citizens will be determined based on the services they receive and their development status. "This evaluation should not be interpreted politically."

The Prime Minister said the government continues its efforts to promote good governance, social justice and prosperity. "However, the government has not been able to fully satisfy them through its services. Although the economy is improving, it has not been completely liberated from pressure." (RSS)

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