Book related to Peace education launched


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Dec 3: A book 'Educating for Peace Through Countering Violence’ has been Launched at Kathmandu University School of Education.

The book was edited by Dr. Candice C. Carter, an educational researcher and consultant from the USA and Dr. Raj Kumar Dhungana, a Visiting Faculty at Kathmandu University School of Education.

Book editor Dr Dhungana said that the book is beneficial for educators, teachers, and students who are working in the sector of education.

Book editor Candice C. Carter stressed the role of peace education, highlighting its significance for students across all age groups, extending beyond childhood into higher education. She emphasized that fostering a peaceful environment for children should ideally start from the womb itself.

The book delves into strategies to identify both visible and hidden violence affecting students' well-being. It equips readers with practical tools, global case studies, and pioneering research to address violence in educational settings. 

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