Octogenarians give ritual money to establish hospital


By Radha Krishna Dumre,Waling, Dec. 2: A Revolving Fund of Rs. 800,000 has been established to support cancer patients in Aandhikhola Rural Municipality of Syangja district. 

The family of Krishan Prasad Sastri Poudel of Aadhikhola-3 contributed the money allocated for his Chaurasi Puja (a ritual performed when one reaches the age of 84) to the establishment of the revolving fund. 

As per the family members, Poudel wholeheartedly contributed the money to establish the revolving fund for the welfare of the needy. 

Krishna's 96-years-old brother of Hari Krishan Poudel too contributed to the establishment of the fund. They have established the fund in memory of their late mother Harikala Poudel. 

Bishownath Poudel, son of Hari Prasad Poudel and chairperson of Aandhikhola Rural Municipality, said that the fund started with Rs. 200,000 contributed by the Poudel brothers to establish Aandhikhola Primary Hospital. 

He said "We have supported the establishment of the revolving fund and our father’s involvement in establishing the fund was commendable. The fund has been established by collecting Rs. 200,000 from the Poudel brothers." 

People unable to receive treatment lacking money, children who lost their parents due to cancer and dependents will be supported by the fund, said Bishownath Poudel.

Handing over the money to the fund, Krishna Prasad expressed his happiness that he was able to perform more pious work than performing his Chaurasi Puja. He said, "People devoid of medical treatment in lack of money will benefit from our fund." 

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