Constituent Day: Former Chair of Council of Ministers calls for full enforcement of Constitution


Kathmandu, Sept 19: Former Chairperson of Council of Ministers, Khil Raj Regmi, has extended his wishes that the Constitution Day would inspire everyone to uphold constitutional procedures and the rule of law, making a way towards a happy journey of democracy and prosperity. 

Talking to RSS on the occasion of the ninth Constituent Day, the former chair of the Council of Ministers said to make the people realise the full presence of democracy with the effective enforcement of the Constitution is the major task of the hour. "We are not excused to make any further delay in guaranteeing the total implementation of the Constitution. Hence, result-based actions that align with the objectives of the Constitution are needed to serve the spirit of the Constitution."  

  Recalling a background featuring political ups and downs and historic events for the achievement of the Constitution, Regmi urged one and all to assess efforts made over the past eight years to address the people's aspirations and to serve the spirit of the Constitution. 

Regmi, also the former Chief Justice was concerned over shortcomings on the part of the State high-level bodies in course of implementing the Constitution.    

He questioned whether efforts of jeopardise social order and refrain from self-discipline would contributed to promote democracy, social goodwill and to build a justice society.  He was of the opinion that further delay in addressing the transitional justice issues serves a reminder of unsolved social conflicts. 

Regmi who was the de fact Prime Minister of Nepal (March 14, 2013 to February 11, 2014) with specific assignments to prepare and conduct the 2013 CA elections took time to say that some acts/laws demanded by the Constitution are still awaited and many more things are left to be carried out for the implementation of federalism, drawing the attention of the stakeholders concerned towards that end. 

He wished good future among the entire Nepali sisters and brothers on the occasion of the Constitution Day. 

The Constitution Day major celebrations will take  observed tomorrow The major celebrations will take place on September 20, in commemoration of the promulgation of the Constitution through the historic Constituent Assembly on Asoj 3, 2072 BS ( September 20, 2015). (RSS)

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