National Education Day today


Kathmandu, Sept 19: The National Education Day, 2080 is being observed across the country today under the slogan, 'inclusive and skill-based education and retention of youths within country'.    
The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has formed a main celebration committee under the line Minister Ashok Rai to observe the Day.    
The Ministry is organizing a programme and conferring the 'Nepal Bidyabhushan Honour' of 'a', 'b', and 'c' categories on various personalities and awards to the institutes, teachers and employees.    
Ninety persons achieving PhD will be conferred the 'a' class honour while 71 doing best in Masters' Level will get 'b' class honour and 44 doing best in Graduate Level the 'c' class honour. Similarly, Chhatra Bidya Padak will be provided in the programme.    
However, the Ministry informed that as the budget for it was allocated late, only prizes would be distributed and medals later. The name list of those receiving the award has been published by the Ministry.    

The awards named 'Nepal Prabidhi Bidhyabhusan' and 'Social Welfare Education Prize' are added for this year.    

In total, 177 persons are being awarded.    
The National Education Day is observed on Asoj 2 every year. (RSS)        


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